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Get Your Crane Operators Trained Now And Avoid The Rush For Certification

In 2010, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) ruled that all crane operators are required to be licensed and certified by November 2014. However, in November of 2014, the ruling was given a three-year extension. Crane operators now have until 2017 to obtain national certification. To prepare your operators for the training required, it is a good idea to do a bit of pre-training on the job. This will make the training and testing go smoother and faster so you do not lose any work time. Here are some areas and subjects you may want to start working on with all your operators.

Controls and Operation of the Equipment

Every operator must know how to work all the controls on his or her equipment. This includes understanding how to move the vehicle around the construction site, how to operate the boom or arm safely and how to halt, shut down and secure the equipment. Operators will be given both written and practical testing on the operation and performance of the equipment.

Loads and Capacity

Every crane operator must understand the maximum capacity of his or her equipment. In addition, figuring out how much a load weighs and whether or not the ground underneath can support the weight of the equipment and load is essential. The amount of load is also needed to determine if boom hoist brakes are needed. Every operator must be able to show knowledge about how to safely lift, move and release a load.

Understanding all Available Data for the Equipment

Crane operators must have an understanding of the crane manuals, load data sheets and shift inspection requirements. They must know where thee resources are kept and be able to demonstrate knowledge of the information they contain. It is also important they understand any and all OSHA safety requirements. If an operator is unsure of something, he or she must at least be able to show they know where to find the answer.

As a construction contractor, you need to be aware of this regulation and ensure that all your operators comply with the law. It should also be noted that many states already have a certification requirement in place. The extension is only good for the federal requirement. If the state you are working in has the law, it must be followed. If there is no state law, it would be a good idea to get all your operators trained now to avoid the mad rush as the deadline gets closer. 

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