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How To Install Movable Retaining Walls

A retaining wall can be necessary in any landscape. It can also be a stylish feature of your yard. You can use a retaining wall to box off a large tree, or you can use it to segregate certain plants and flowers in your yard. Many people change their landscaping over the years and find that their current retaining walls are not adequate. This article explains a helpful way that you can make small, movable, yet sturdy retaining walls.

Use Retaining Wall Blocks

The best way to build a movable retaining wall is with retaining wall blocks. These blocks are like bricks that are designed specifically for retaining walls. A block retaining wall is easy to build because you do not need to use any mortar. The blocks simply stack atop each other and then they are fortified when they are backfilled with soil. Of course, at a certain point, large tree roots can become too powerful and uncontrollable for any retaining wall. So, make sure you do some research on the trees you are planting so you do not end up with a species that will be too big for your yard. 

How Retaining Blocks are Different

Block retaining walls are made out of bricks that are more complicated than they look. They are not simply square bricks that you stack on top each other. They have small ridges on the inside edge that help them stack on top of each other. This ultimately makes the wall even stronger. So, do not try and build a block retaining wall with normal bricks.

There are no real rules when it comes to building a block retaining wall. You just need to make sure that your wall is tall and strong enough to withstand the weight of the dirt. If you find that your wall is not strong enough, you can simply stack another row on top for added strength. In fact, some people vary the height of their wall so the top edge goes up and down. This adds some style to their landscaping.

Down the road, when you decide to replant or change your landscaping, it won't be too hard to remove and then reuse your retaining blocks. Once you are familiar with stacking and installing a retaining block wall, you will have no problem redesigning your landscaping when the time comes. This gives you the freedom to adjust your landscaping to fit your seasonal needs.

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