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Keeping Pests Out Of The Garage

Garages are a great place for cars, household items, lawn equipment, and tools. They can also be a great place for pests of all sorts, especially during the winter months. When temperatures drop, many homeowners find their garages overrun with bugs, mice, and other pests seeking a safe haven from the cold. These pests can be a big problem and frequently attempt to migrate into other parts of the home. In order to get a pest free garage, there are a few key things that homeowners should do.

Check Garage Doors

The first place to assess when preventing pests in the garage is the most obvious, the garage doors. Garage doors that are broken, that do not close properly, or that have obvious gaps, are beacons to pests during the winter months. Any area where bugs, mice, or other pests can enter is a problem.

Homeowners should examine their garage doors for any obvious gaps where pests can enter. Making sure that garage doors have a tight seal is also a very important part of keeping pests out. Replacing garage door thresholds and gaskets every 2-3 years is a very important part of maintaining a tight seal on garage doors. These seals are often made of rubber and can wear out quickly. When they wear out, it creates a gap that allows unwanted pests in. 

Check Walls And Windows

Next on the list of things to check are walls and windows. Garage walls and windows can become cracked and broken with age. Even small cracks can let in unwanted pests. Homeowners should check walls for cracks, especially in areas that may be covered by objects. By moving things, such as boxes and tools, around, many homeowners are able to find previously concealed cracks in their garage walls.

Some garages also have windows, which can act as an entry point for pests. The seals on these windows should be checked along with the window panes. When homeowners find a crack in their walls, copper wool is a good material for covering these cracks. Copper wool is a good choice since it is not as easy for pests, such as mice, to chew through.

Consider All Pest Control Options

If homeowner still have a pest problem after checking garage doors, windows, and walls, it may be time to consider other pest control options. Catching pests using traps can be an effective way to deal with an infestation.

Pesticides also work to rid a garage of certain types of pests. For large infestations or dangerous pests, homeowners may want to call in professional pest removal. Sometimes a pest problem can only be dealt with by the experts.

Keeping pests out of the garage can be a hassle during the cold winter months. However, if homeowners keep their garages well sealed, then many infestations can be prevented. To learn more, contact a company like Shank Door with any questions you have.