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3 Ways French Patio Doors Can Help Blend Indoor And Outdoor Areas

If you frequently used your outdoor patio area as a hub of family fun and entertaining, you might be looking for ways to make the transition between indoor and outdoor areas more organic and attractive. This allows for guests to move freely between areas without being visually blocked from the fun or other guests. French patio doors can provide an attractive, light-increasing solution in a few ways.

Sliding Doors: Fully Open the Dividing Space

If your outdoor patio is a screened-in room, or you live in an area where bugs aren't a huge problem, then sliding french patio doors might be the perfect solution. You can simply slide the doors open and keep them open while the activities are happening in the backyard. This means that guests can freely talk amongst each other regardless of whether they are sitting inside or outside, which means this is great for large gatherings.

If you do need to keep the doors closed most of the time due to pests or running the air conditioner, the sliding doors still offer an easy way for guests to quickly move between rooms, particularly if someone is carrying through a tray of food out to the grill.

Plan to alternate between having the doors opened or closed depending on the event? Make sure the actual glass part of the door has some sort of identifier such as a glass etched design. This keeps guests from walking straight into the glass if the doors are so clean they aren't easily identifiable.

Outswing Doors: Save Interior Space

If you have a small sitting room inside of the patio, you might not want to use up any of that minimal room with French patio doors that open inwards. Outswing doors can instead use up some of your more plentiful patio space.

As with the sliding doors, outswing doors can be left open to improve the airflow. But outswing doors also offer more design options of wood or metal strips dividing the glass into square or rectangular segments. These aren't as much of an option on sliding doors, since they have to slide snugly past each other.

Screened Doors: Keep the Pests Out

Regardless of the type of door you choose, an additional set of screen doors can allow you to leave the doors open despite the presence of pests. The screens will often open in the same way as the main doors: sliding French patio doors get sliding screens and outswing doors also have screens that swing out.

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