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Algae Streaks On A Roof: Why They Should Be Removed Fast & How It Should Be Done

Do you have ugly black streaks all over the asphalt shingles on your roof? The black streaks are not only unappealing, but also they are likely algae spores that can deteriorate the shingles down to the roof deck. Find out why you should get rid of streaks in asphalt shingles from algae spores fast and how it should be done.

Why Should Algae Streaks Be Removed from Shingles in a Timely Manner?

Failure to get rid of algae streaks will lead to the spores spreading and consuming the limestone in the asphalt shingles. Algae spores can spread fast when they are living in the right kind of environment. For instance, algae spores survive from shade and moisture. Leaving trees hanging over the roof can create a bad algae problem that will keep coming back even if you get it removed.

Once algae begins to consume the limestone in asphalt shingles, it becomes easier for rainwater to get underneath them and reach the roof deck. The rainwater can also get under the shingles and sit on the roof deck for a long time, which is usually due to a lack of sunlight reaching the water to dry it up. You don't want algae to become so bad that the roof deck becomes damaged, because it can end up with you having to spend money on a new roof and damage to the interior of the house.

How Should Algae Streaks Be Removed from Asphalt Shingles?

Removing algae spores from a roof is not difficult because it can be done with pressure washing equipment. However, you should leave the removal of the streaks to a professional because too much power from a pressure washer can damage the shingles if not used in the correct manner. The specialist can remove the streaks by simply using water, or a chemical like bleach can be added to the water for greater results.

Make sure you get any tree branches hanging over the roof trimmed after getting algae spores removed. If you don't like the idea of continually having to keep the branches trimmed, it is in your best interest to get the trees cut down to get rid of the problem altogether. You must also clean out the rain gutters with a trowel every now and then to make sure water is not accumulating in them and creating moisture for algae. Contact a roofing specialist, such as Front Range Roofing & Siding, to get rid of the algae on your roof before a major repair is necessary