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Making Concrete A Part Of Your Next Home Remodeling Project

Home designers have been using concrete to create unique features in homes. Now, it's available to homeowners in a variety of colors and textures to customize their living areas. Consider the flexibility of concrete when you're planning your next home remodeling project with some of the following suggestions.

What Makes Concrete a Unique Material for Your Home

Concrete has many characteristics that make it easy to work with and flexible for home use.

  • It is fire resistant and durable, and can be made more so with various sealers and coatings.
  • It can be molded into nearly any shape.
  • It can be mixed with other materials to create lightweight objects.
  • It can be embossed, stamped and dyed to look like other materials, from wood to marble.
  • It holds heat, which makes it a good material for bathtubs and sinks.

Project Ideas

Kitchen countertop - The concrete is poured into a mold to give you any shape you need to fit your kitchen. Dyes and resins can be added to create different colors. Before the concrete has cured, you can form built-in trivets, slots for utensils and sloping areas that drain into the sink. You can even pour the countertop and sink as a single unit.

Fireplace hearth - Concrete can be made to look like natural stone surrounding the entrance to your fireplace. Mixed with fiberglass, it can be used to create a lightweight mantle above the fireplace. The concrete will retain the heat of the fire and radiate it back out into the room on those crisp evenings.

Flooring - Be creative with a concrete floor. Once it has been poured and cured, polish it to a high gloss. Add dyes and resins to change the color or make it look like marble or granite. Embed anything in it from stones to shells to crushed quartz and put a clear polyethylene sealer over the top for a unique look. Create concrete floors to match the decorative theme of any room.

Bathtubs - You can purchase pre-made concrete tubs in a number of shapes, or have a custom tub molded for you. Forget the traditional rectangular tub and go for round, oval or any organic shape that fits your bathroom and decor. As with the floors, you can finish the outside of the tub any way you like. With dyes and embossing, it can take on the look of rustic timber, or even the veined look of marble.

Furniture - Concrete can be used to create benches, tables, chairs and nearly any decorative furniture you can think of. Create an outdoor seating area on your patio. Use concrete and fiberglass mixtures to design benches, chairs or coffee tables in the living room. A polished resin finish is smooth to the touch. Add cushions and pillows for comfort to these conversation pieces.

Concrete gives you a way to experiment with shapes in your home that you could never find commercially. With colors, textures, and sealers, people won't be able to guess that what they are walking and sitting on is concrete. Are you ready to include concrete in your home design? Contact an contractor, such as Alleva Construction, to learn more about your choices.