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Three Specialty Tools Used By Construction Workers

Construction workers work in a dangerous environment and have one of the most difficult jobs. Because of this, they are required to use safety gear like harnesses, hard hats, and eye and ear protection. Along with the safety gear, they are also issued specialty tools which can be used to better complete the tasks at hand. This is a list of common specialty tools used by construction workers.


A heavy duty stapler is used on the construction site to staple down production felt, insulation, wire, and many more things during any typical work day. The staplers are designed to shift the exhaust away from the workers while they are working so they aren't breathing in hazardous air. Newer models are light-weight to reduce the physical stress on the worker's muscles, but durable enough to withstand many hours of work during the day.


There are many types of nailers that a construction worker can use, including concrete nailers, metal connector nailers, coil siding nailers, and an impact nailer. Each nailer pretty much describes the task they are used for. Metal connectors are used to connect fasteners to a connector like rafters. The concrete nailer can be used to connect wood to concrete. Coil siding nailers uses plastic or wire weld nails into fiber cement siding, fencing, and decking. The impact nailer is the best type of nailer to fit into crowded spaces where a normal nailer won't fit.

Screw System

Construction workers spend a lot of time applying screws. There are several new designs that have made the screw system faster and more efficient for the workers. The screw systems are powered drills that automatically feed screws to the drill each time the button is activated. Because the workers don't have to reach for a new screw every time they need to apply one, it saves a lot of time and allows everyone to move through the tasks quickly. The screw systems are also cordless, which reduces the risk of people tripping over cords on the work site. It is also more convenient to be able to take the screw system anywhere you want without looking for a source of electricity.


Each of these items makes life on the site a little easier for the construction workers. The quicker the workers can complete their tasks, the quicker the entire project is finished. This makes the construction company look good and also benefit by taking more jobs than usual. For more information, talk to a professional like Bourget Bros Building Materials.