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Protecting Your Carpeting During Summer Celebrations

Are you planning a party for the Fourth of July or Memorial Day? Although the parties are mainly held outside, there is bound to be a lot of foot traffic in your home. So, what can you do to protect your carpeting, and what can you do to clean up the mess after the party is over?

Preventative Measures

Preventing the damage to your carpeting is going to make your clean-up efforts much easier. But, how do you prevent the messes made by children and adults in your home?

Plastic Cling Carpet Protectors

When real estate agents are showing a home on the market, they typically lay plastic cling carpet protectors throughout the home. This gives each person touring the home a path to follow to eliminate the need to remove their shoes and protect the carpeting from dirt damage.

Plastic cling carpet liners are available at your local home improvement store. It comes in big rolls of varying lengths. Buying one large roll should be more than enough plastic to protect your carpeting during several celebrations.

Place the plastic in high-traffic areas – especially the path from the door to the bathroom. This will be the most commonly followed path during outdoor parties, but if the weather should turn bad, you can use the plastic to protect the carpeting around the rest of the home.

Rug Rentals

You can rent rugs to use throughout your home during your party. This is likely going to be the more expensive way to protect the carpeting, but it is a very effective way to protect the carpeting from foot traffic. You can find a number of designs, sizes and shapes to fit in with the rest of the décor of your home. This can help enhance your home while protecting the carpets at the same time.

Prepare for Messes

Before the party starts, get prepared for the messes that can happen at any given time. Pour white vinegar into a spray bottle and fill it the rest of the way with water. White vinegar is very effective in removing stains of all kinds from carpeting without using any chemicals.

Have a cleaning caddy ready to go. The caddy should include the spray bottle with white vinegar and water, a roll of very absorbent paper towels and a scrub brush. This way, when you notice a spot on your carpeting, you can grab the caddy and go. In just a few seconds, you can have the spot removed and still be able to enjoy the party.

Once the party is over and all of the guests have gone, remove the protective plastic and/or roll up the rugs. Inspect for any spots that you may have missed during the day. If you find several areas that have become severely soiled or stained, contact your local carpet cleaning company to have the carpets fully cleaned.