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4 Types Of Windshield Cracks

Chips and cracks in your windshield can be distracting, and they can also distort what you are able to see through your window. Understanding the different types of cracks can help you to describe the problem accurately as well as determine whether you need a completely new windshield.


A chip happens when something strikes the windshield and takes a chunk out of one or more layers of the glass. A chip doesn't go all the way through, however, leaving some of the lower layers of the windshield intact. Chips are often the first bit of damage that occurs to a windshield, and they can quickly turn into other types of cracks quickly, especially if they're ignored altogether.

Bull's Eye

The bull's eye crack looks just like the bull's eye you might see on a target. The crack starts with a small chip in the center and has concentric circles around the main chip. Within the circles, tiny fractures splinter out like the rays of a sun. A bull's eye crack can be small, tightly contained around  a chip, or it can spread out to cover a significant portion of the windshield.


Stars have a defined center and then long cracks that radiate out from the center. Unlike the bull's eye crack, the star doesn't have concentric circles surrounding the center. The star usually happens because something struck the windshield hard and fast, centering the force in a particular spot. Stars spread quickly, covering an entire half of a windshield in hardly any time at all.

Plain Crack

A single crack can be either straight or jagged, depending on how the glass breaks. It can start out small and then spread across an entire windshield, but cracks can also stay in one spot. All of this depends on how the damage occurred and how quickly you take care of the problem. Unlike a chip, a crack may be a result of too much pressure in one area of the windshield. If it starts along the edge of the windshield, even a small crack can mean the entire windshield needs replacement.

No matter what kind of crack you've found on your windshield, getting it fixed quickly can mean the difference between repairing and replacing your glass. Talk to a qualified auto glass repair specialist, like those at Allstate Glass, who can assess the damage for you and recommend the right solution.