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5 Ways To Tell If Your Basement Needs Waterproofing

No one enjoys seeing water in their basement. In addition to be damp and discoloring the walls and furnishings, water in the basement can lead to hazardous mold and mildew as well as decrease the value of your property. While some water issues are as easy to fix as repairing a cracked window or cleaning out clogged gutters, others are signs of more serious foundation issues. It's important that you evaluate the problem carefully--and call a waterproofing contractor--if you notice signs of foundation cracks or bowing.

1. Cracks in the walls and floors. Water may be getting into your basement via cracks in the walls and floors. While hairline cracks are inevitable in any house, due to expanding and contracting with weather fluctuations, larger cracks can be a sign that your foundation needs repaired.

2. Mold and mildew on the walls. Mold and mildew can form in as few as two days of your walls' exposure to water and can cause and exacerbate a number of health issues, such as asthma and COPD. Signs of mold include small black, white or green dots on the walls. Even if you don't see any "dots," the tell-tale smell of mildew can be a clue that there is a water problem somewhere in your basement.

3. Bowed walls. Bowed foundation walls allow water to seep into your basement. This is a serious problem that can lead to your foundation crumbling if left unchecked. While this issue can be corrected with steel braces, it almost always gets worse over time if left uncorrected.

4. Efflorescence. Occasionally, the only sign of moisture is the white, chalk-like mineral deposits called efflorescence. This occur when water that's leaked into your basement evaporates and leaves the minerals in the water behind. If you notice these discolored streaks or patches on your basement walls, it's time to call in a waterproofing professional to evaluate the situation.

5. Peeling paint. Water and high humidity can cause the paint on your basement walls to bubble and peel. Sometimes, this is the most obvious sign of water issues.

If you notice any of these signs, it's time to call a professional waterproofing company like Cozens Brothers Contractors. Your home's foundation is nothing that you want to take for granted. A good contractor can help correct these foundation issues and give your house a solid footing that will support it for years and years to come.