Why Yes, I Can Fix That

Heater Loopholes: Staying Warm While The Heat Is Gone

Having a broken heater can be a serious problem, especially in the winter months. However, there are ways to keep warm while waiting for your heater to get fixed. Learn about the ways heaters breakdown, how to keep warm, and how to make your heater last.

Why Heaters Break Down

Heaters can break down for a variety of reasons. Some of these reasons include buildup, disconnection from power or gas, and relief valve problems. Other reasons could be about age or the use of the heater being too taxing. However, no matter what the reason, do not try and fix the problem yourself. If you attempt to fix the problem yourself and do not have a proper heater repair background, then you may accidentally make the problem worse.

Ways to Keep Warm While the Heater is Broken

There are ways to keep warm while you are waiting for someone to come and fix your heater, and you may to take some of these tips and apply them when the heater is fixed to reduce heating costs. Some ways to keep warm include:

  • Closing curtains - The curtains allow the heat to stay inside the house and keeps cold air from the outside from seeping into the house through the glass.
  • Sealing doors - Sealing doors in your house will keep heat inside the room inside of losing heat through the cracks in the doors.
  • Add insulation to the house - Insulation in your walls will trap heat inside and not let it get through, and it will keep the cold outside.
  • Wear warm clothes - This is one of the easiest things to do and one of the most effective to keeping you warm.
  • Make use of blankets - Blankets will keep you warm like clothes will, but you can remove the extra layer if you get too warm easier.

Each of these tips will help keep you warm, but they may not keep you as warm as you would be without a functioning heater. It is up to you to decide which tips you may want to use or not after the heater works again so you can lower the temperature and lower heating costs for your home.

How to Keep the Heater Working

There is no set way to make sure your heater continues to work, but part of it is keeping good maintenance on your heater and making sure your heater is new. Be sure you know when to update your heater to keep it working the longest for you.