Why Yes, I Can Fix That

3 Signs That Your Automatic Door Needs A Repair Technician

The last thing you want to do is to find that customers are being turned away because the automatic doors for your business are not functioning properly. Do not wait until it gets to that point before you hire a repair technician or a contractor, such as Allied Door Controls and Glass Inc, to help you out. Take a moment to review the following signs that your automatic door for your business is in need of professional attention.

You Hear Screeching Sounds

The automatic door should open and close with ease and without making a lot of noise. The only noise that should be present is a faint humming sound that comes from the motor when it is operating the door. Therefore, you will need to call for professional assistance if you hear any screeching sounds coming from the door. The sound could be from a lack of lubricant, which can easily be applied in just the right spots by a contracting. It could also be something much more serious, such as the sound of a failing door motor.

You Notice That It Is Slow To Open

It is one thing for the automatic door to close slowly, as your customers will have plenty of time to make it through. However, many people find it to be extremely frustrating when they have to stand around to wait for an automatic business door to open. It should open swift enough that they barely have to slow down their walking pace in order to get through the door. Even if your customers do not go elsewhere and stand and wait for your slow door, there is a chance that they might not end up in the best mood, and therefore, might not give you as much business if they were happier. A slow moving automatic door is not the first thing you want people to notice about how you run your business. Therefore, you will want a contractor or repair technician to resolve this problem for you as soon as possible. Most likely, the gears in the motor are wearing out and you will need a few parts replaced.

You See The Door Sticking In Place

There is a major problem when your automatic business door is stuck in place. To start with, your customers might not realize that the door is about to stick in place and they might accidentally walk right into it. Any injuries that they suffer with as a result of your automatic door will be your fault. It will also be your financial responsibility to cover all of their medical expenses. You also have the concern that you will not be able to get your automatic doors to work quick enough to shut and lock them in the event of an emergency, which puts you, your employees, and any customers in the building at risk.

As you can see, troubles with your automatic door can be serious. If you notice any of the previously mentioned issues, you will want to call a professional automatic door contractor right away.