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Technology & Your Garage Door Opener

Like many aspects of our lives, technology has changed the way that garage door openers work. Here are a few ways that technology has influenced how you open your garage door now and in the future. 

Rolling Codes

If you have had your garage door installed recently, there is a good chance your garage door opener already takes advantage of this technology. The roller code makes your garage door opener more secure and safe from hackers. When you press on your garage door opener, the computer chip inside of the opener sends a signal to the computer chip in the receiver inside of your garage.

When it sends this signal, it sends two messages at once. The first message is to either open or close your garage door, which uses a special code. The second message that it sends is a new code. The next time that you press on your garage door opener, that new code is sent to the receiver as well as the next code that it will use. 

This system ensures that the same code is not used more than once to open your garage door. That makes it more difficult for someone to hack your opener. On older garage door openers, the same code was used again and again, make it easy for someone to figure out the code and open your garage door without your consent. 


Biometrics are now not limited to the movies and government facilities. You can also have your garage door opener and receiver set to open and close based on your unique biometrics. These types of system use your fingerprint or a scan of your iris to order to determine who is trying to open your garage door and if they have access to do so. 

These types of systems may be really expensive to purchase today, but in the next few years, more affordable biometrics garage door openers will most likely hit the market. These types of systems are incredibly hard to hack and would make your garage door very secure. 

Wireless Systems

There are also now applications and security systems that you can wire into your garage door opener. With these systems, you can check on your phone or through your computer and see if your garage door is open or closed. These types of systems even allow you to remotely open and close your garage door. This is a nice feature if you forget to close your garage door when you leave home. This feature also allows you to let someone into the garage remotely, such as a family member locked out of the house, or a neighbor dropping off something for you.

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