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What To Consider Before Replacing Your Current HVAC System

HVAC systems do not last forever, so when it is time to replace your current unit, it is important to consider a few factors. In many cases, these factors are not the prime consideration, which is why you need to consider them before designing a new HVAC system for your home.


When it is time to replace your current HVAC system, you may forget to inspect the ductwork. In some situations, the ductwork may not be suitable for a new heating and air conditioning unit, which means you need to upgrade this area as well.

For example, some older ductwork cannot handle the increase in pressure that some newer systems produce. Without upgrading the ductwork, you could run into a situation in where the seams bust open once the new system is turned on. By taking the opportunity to change out the current ductwork, you prevent this type of situation from occurring.

Additionally, in some states, you are required to install new ductwork when you replace the interior and exterior portions of your HVAC system. For this reason, you need to check with an HVAC company in your area to find out if you will need to alter or replace your ductwork when you make changes to the rest of your system. When you have this information in advance, you can also add this additional work into the projected budget for replacing your heating and cooling system.

Square Footage Rating

Another aspect you may not focus on is the rating for square footage for the unit you wish to purchase. It is easy to focus on the efficiency of the different units, because you want to reduce the amount of energy the system uses to operate. Even though this is an important feature to pay attention to, you need a unit that is designed specifically for the size of the building you are trying to heat up and cool down.

In most cases, each unit you find is designed to heat and cool a specific square footage. If you purchase and install one that is not designed for the square footage of your home, then you run into a few issues.

For example, a unit that is too small will continue to run, because it will not be able to produce enough hot or cold air to get the inside of your home to the correct temperature. With a unit that is too large, the system may shut off too soon and a few rooms will not reach the desired temperature because they are too far from the thermostat.

It is best to consult an HVAC company like West Country Heating & AC and find out what size unit your home requires. With their knowledge, you will have a much easier time replacing your current system with one that will work for your home.