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Inspired Ideas For Granite Kitchen Islands

Granite is one of the most popular materials for kitchen countertops. Not only is it stain- and scratch-resistant, but it is a beautiful material. Granite comes in numerous colors, patterns, and finishes. However, sometimes homeowners eschew using granite for the kitchen island. As Home and Garden TV points out, such an attractive and durable material adds value to the home. Customize your kitchen with a creative island featuring a granite countertop.

Bar Height Countertop                      

One creative use for a kitchen island is to turn it into a drinks station. Have the island fitted with all the necessities of a bar, including a sink, storage for glasses, and a wine refrigerator. Because guests naturally like to congregate at a bar, have two heights of granite surfaces installed. The first, and widest, countertop should be at task height. However, have a narrow ledge installed at bar height, providing a space for completed beverages or a friendly perch. Choose a high gloss granite to enhance the stain protection.

Triple Duty Island

If you have space for a large island, consider transforming it to tackle three different tasks. Have two slabs of slate-look granite flank a wooden centerpiece that you use as a cutting board. Off-set a sink next to the wood to transition from washing to cutting. On the other side, extend the granite to accommodate seating. This type of island has the added bonus of expanding your kitchen storage.

Exotic Island

The surface of a multi-use island can take center stage. If your island is mostly an extra work surface with storage underneath, utilize luxurious materials in its construction. For example, some limited production granite surfaces feature exotic patterns, such as volcanic swirls. Pair this with an equally exotic wood, such as bamboo or ebony. Such an island blends with a contemporary kitchen.

50s Diner Island

Another option for a contemporary kitchen is a retro island. Look to 1950s diners for inspiration. Start with a bold-colored countertop, such as cherry red granite or sleek black. Have this rimmed in stainless steel trim. Paint the cabinetry white, and pull soda counter stools up for a casual dining experience.

Country Charm

On the opposite end of the spectrum, perhaps you have a homey kitchen. If you've designed a kitchen with cottage or farmhouse appeal, let the coziness transfer to the island. Start with a furniture-look construction. It's even possible to upcycle a sturdy wooden table. Paint the wood a color complementary to the rest of your palette. Top this with a granite slab in deep beige, butter, and cream hues. For a rustic look, consider having the paint distressed to resemble a well-loved kitchen centerpiece.

A kitchen island makes work more efficient. Top the island with granite to also add style. For more information on granite countertops, check with a professional near you.