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Getting Rid Of Your Old Toilet After A Bathroom Upgrade

Investing in remodeling can be a great way to enhance the aesthetic beauty of your home. An updated bathroom also has the ability to increase your home's value in the future.

Whenever your home undergoes a remodel, a significant amount of debris can be created. Getting rid of old bathroom fixtures and other debris might not seem challenging, but disposing of a used toilet can be difficult. Here are three ideas you can use to help you get rid of an unwanted toilet in the future.

1. Contact a solid waste disposal company for assistance.

Many companies that specialize in removing debris after a home remodel are able to handle the disposal of solid wastes quickly and efficiently. Since a toilet can contain solid waste particles, it's essential that these fixtures are disposed of properly.

Exposure to solid waste can result in the contraction of various diseases or chronic illnesses that can negatively impact public health. By relying on the expertise of a waste disposal company, you can ensure that your old toilet doesn't do any damage after it's removed from your bathroom.

2. Consider recycling your old toilet.

If you are looking for a way to get rid of your unwanted toilet without contributing to the buildup of waste in the nation's landfills, then recycling might be your best option. Many professional junk removal companies work with recycling centers to reuse materials that have been removed from homes during a remodel project.

The porcelain used to construct your old toilet can be crushed up and put to use in the construction of roads and sidewalks in the future. Be sure to let your junk removal specialists know if you want your old toilet to find its way to a recycling center once it's removed from your bathroom.

3. Let your toilet make the world better for those who are less fortunate.

When remodeling your bathroom, your old fixtures can be given new life in a country where toilets are scarce. Donating your unwanted toilet to charity could help provide individuals living in poor countries gain access to functional plumbing.

In India alone, it's estimated that 89% of government schools don't have toilets. Donating your toilet to charity could give children in these schools the opportunity to enjoy basic hygiene.

Knowing how to get rid of your old toilet during a bathroom remodel can be a challenge. To find more information, contact a junk removal service in your area.