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3 Easy Ways To Protect Your Plumbing System This Winter

Save yourself money this winter by protecting your home plumbing system. Here are three easy ways you can protect your home plumbing system and prevent a plumbing emergency. 

#1 Clean Out Your Home's Sump Pump 

The first thing you need to do is start with the big elements in your plumbing system. You need to have a plumber come out and inspect your plumbing system. You also need to have the plumber clean out your sump pump and the pit that it is inside of. 

After that, you need to make sure that your sump pump is well insulated. As most sump pumps are located outside, they can easily freeze. Be sure that all your pipes leading to your sump pump are wrapped with insulation. If your sump pump fails during the winter, your basement could end up flooded, which could be extremely costly to fix. 

#2 Drain & Clean Your Water Heater

The second thing you need to do is drain your water heater, especially if you in an area with hard water. Hard water causes sediment to build up inside of your hot water tank. As sediment builds up, the probability of rust developing inside of your water heater increases. This can cause rust to get into your water and it can compromise the integrity of your water heater and lead to it breaking down or malfunctioning. 

You can prevent this by having your plumber drain and clean your water heater every winter. If your water heater is getting older or already has developed significant rust, you may want to replace it. 

If your water heater is not insulated, you should purchase an insulation blanket to wrap around your water heater. 

#3 Shut-Down Your Outside Water Sources

Detach any and all hoses from outside water faucets. Wrap up the hoses and store them away for spring. A single hose that still has water inside of it can freeze, expand and damage your outside faucet as well as any pipes connected to your outside faucets. You can avoid this possibility by simply detaching and putting away all your outside hoses.

You also need to turn off any valves that are connected to your outdoor faucets. Turn off the water valves and be sure to also drain the water from the lines as well. If you fail to drain the lines, any water left in them could still freeze, expand and damage your plumbing system. 

You can prevent a plumbing emergency this winter by having your sump pump and water heater cleaned and insulated, and by making sure that you shut down all outside water sources. Taking these simple steps will help protect your plumbing system this winter.