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Rewiring Your Entire House For Ceiling Lights: What To Expect

If you have bought an old house and it does not have any ceiling lights in most of the rooms, this can make your lighting situation complicated, especially if you do not have enough space for lamps everywhere. If you decide to hire an electrician to install several ceiling lights in your older home, you may also have to hire a construction contractor. Here is what to expect when you begin this project.

Opening Up the Walls and Ceilings

The reason why you may need a separate construction contractor is that he or she will have to open up the walls and ceilings so that your electrician can install all of the necessary wiring. Your electrician will need to see what he or she is doing, and the wiring simply cannot be threaded through wall spaces up to the ceilings and then down through the openings in the ceilings without being directed by hand. Ergo, the construction contractor will cut and remove all the paint, plaster and drywall on the areas specified by your electrician before the electrician can get to work.

Installing All of the Wiring

Next, your electrician will install all of the wiring. Starting at your fusebox, he or she will check to make sure the box can adequately support several new ceiling lights and then create several lines out of the box. Each of these electrical lines will then be run from the box up into a wall space in each of the rooms where you want a ceiling light installed. Along the way, the wiring is secured with staples and/or hooks to the stud boards in the walls so that the wiring does not fall back down towards the baseboard or into the basement. The wiring is then threaded upward toward each ceiling and into a hole that was cut for the installation of a light fixture.

Installing the Light Fixtures and Switches

Next, all of your ceiling lights and the controlling switches will be installed. Your electrician will connect each room individually and check each light to make sure it is working properly before moving on to the next room. Once all of the switches and fixtures are installed and the wiring is fully connected, the construction contractor will return to repair and fill in all of the open holes and spaces in your walls and ceilings. By the end of the process your old house will have been properly updated with ceiling lights and you will not have to worry about where to place or fit any floor lamps.

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