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How To Service Your Furnace Filter And Motor

Did you know that your furnace actually affects the functionality of both your heating and air conditioning systems? If you want to have the most energy efficient HVAC system, you need to constantly maintain your furnace. It is particularly important that you ensure that the furnace filter and motor are clean at all times. This article explains how you can replace your furnace filter and clean the motor at the same time. This is a very quick and easy maintenance task, but it will probably help increase the energy efficiency of your heating and air conditioning systems.

Identifying and Replacing the Filter

The filter is quite large and easy to identify. On most furnaces, you can access the filter from the outside of the cabinet. The filter is in between the intake ducks and the furnace cabinet. It slides out of its slot without any tools. Most furnace filters are similar size, about the size of a large pizza box, but thinner. However, to make sure you get the exact replacement, you should take your old filter into the store when you're buying the new one. It is very important that your furnace is properly installed. If it is not fully pushed into place, dust can get sucked into your furnace where it blocks your motor and reduces its efficiency.

Cleaning the Motor

You will need to access the main furnace compartment to clean the motor. The main door on the furnace cabinet is usually easy to open. Some older units require that you remove a bolt, but most new units can be open with a simple handle. The motor should be very easy to identify once you open the compartment. It is attached to the fan blades and looks like a small, generic motor.

Before you do any work on it, make sure you turn off the power to your furnace. Then, you should probably try and wipe down the motor with a dry rag. Also, a hose vacuum with a brush attachment works great. Don't use any moisture or cleaning liquids on the motor. You should also clean off the fan blades and vacuum out any dust on sidewalls or bottom of the compartment.

These two simple job don't take much time or money. A filter usually costs about $20. But, even such a simple repair can hugely increase the efficiency of your HVAC system and slightly reduce your electricity and gas bills in the long run.