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When To Hire A Professional To Dry Out A Water Leak

The only good thing about a water leak from a broken clean water line is that the water isn't contaminated. When your home is flooded with sewer water or storm water, you have to worry about bacterial contamination of your home as well as the water damage. Still, you need to get the clean water dried out as quickly as possible or it will stagnate and grow microbes too. Mold is one of the biggest concerns with a home that is wet and damp. In some instances, you may be able to dry your home yourself, but other times, it is best to call a contractor to do the job. Here are some situations when you'll probably need professional help.

There Are Electrical Concerns With Standing Water

If your home is flooded and there is standing water trapped inside, you should turn off the electricity at the circuit box. This allows you to walk through the water to bail it out. However, you're still left with the danger of wet electrical outlets and wet appliances. You could be shocked if you plug things in and turn on the power, since there might still be water between the walls and around an electrical outlet. For that reason, it is best to call in professional help, so the electrical damage can be assessed. You'll need a safe power source established as soon as possible so water extractors, fans, and dehumidifiers can begin drying out your home.

The Carpet Is Soaked

Flooded carpet is another hurdle if you try to dry out your home yourself. If your carpet is old, you may decide to just rip it out and throw it away. However, if your carpet is new, you'll probably want to save it if possible. The type of wet vac you rent from a home improvement store isn't strong enough to pull water from the carpet, pad, and floor underneath. You'll need heavy duty commercial water extraction equipment. Even then, the carpet may need to be rolled up and taken outside to dry. Whether the carpet is dried with equipment or moved to the sun, professional help is the best way to ensure the carpet survives the process and won't harbor mold once it is back in place.

Water Is Several Days Old

If the water leak happens when you're away from home and you come home to a mess, don't assume the water is safe because it is from a clean source. If your carpet has been soaked for several days or if the standing water is old, it may be breeding microorganisms that can make you sick. It is better to be safe and call in a professional to take a look. Special precautions may need to be taken when handling the wet items in your home. The cleanup may need to go up a level from simple drying out to drying out and disinfecting too. Even if you spot the water leak the same day it happens, if you can't move fast to dry out your floor and walls, then it is best to call for help.

Keep in mind, water will seep underneath flooring, behind cabinets, and between walls. You may think your home is dry only to discover weeks later your home is contaminated with mold that requires extra expense to remove. It may be best to hire a contractor right away, especially if the cost is covered by your home insurance, rather than put it off and have the costs escalate because you weren't able to dry out your home well enough yourself.

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