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3 Safety Tips To Keep In Mind For Your First Roofing Project

If you're a homeowner who likes to take care of maintenance and repair tasks around the house, you've probably saved yourself a good amount of money over the years by tackling issues without help from a professional. But what happens if a problem develops with your roof? Is it really safe to go up there yourself? The answer to that question can be yes, but only if you have the right safety gear for the job. Here are three key safety tips to keep in mind before attempting your first roofing project.

Plot Your Direction Before You Go Up and Stick to It

The first rule of roofing work is that the less time you spend on your roof, the safer you will be. Yes, obviously, you need to go up there to get the job done, but the point is, you don't want to go up to the roof and then try and figure out your plan on the fly. Know exactly what you are going to do once you are on top and then stick to that plan. Always start the work on one side of the roof and then move to the other side, taking all tools with you. You don't want to be walking around the roof like a chicken with your head cut off, looking for a tool that you left behind. Chances are good that the forgotten tool will turn into a tripping hazard.

Stabilize the Ladder and Use a Spotter if Available

Your local home improvement store should sell ladder stabilizers that will keep the ladder in place as you climb up and then come back down. You don't want to do a great job up on the roof and then have the ladder be your literal downfall after all the work is done. If possible, it's also a good idea to have a family member or friend provide some extra support to the ladder as you climb up or down.

This is Not a Shorts and Sandals Kind of Day

While your at the home improvement store picking up those stablizers, also make sure to get safety gear for yourself. Safety glasses, work gloves and work boots are a must for any roofing job. If the roof is especially high, a safety harness is also a good idea. When it's time to head up, make sure you also wear long pants and sleeves as you'll likely be crawling around on your hands and knees at least a little.

Before you head to the local roofing distributor to get the materials you need for your upcoming roof project, make sure you have the right safety gear as well. A ladder stabilizer, safety glasses, sturdy non-slip work boots and possibly a safety harness are all purchases you should consider. When on the roof, work from one side to the other so that you don't have to unexpectedly walk back and forth. Talk to a roofing supplies specialist today for more best practices.