Why Yes, I Can Fix That

Be Prepared: Making Sure Your Air Conditioner Is In Perfect Working Order Before Summer Comes

When the weather is nice and cold outside, running their air conditioning unit is definitely the last thing on people's minds. However, it never fails that every year people are stuck in the middle of the sweltering heat with an air conditioning unit that has suddenly failed on them. By taking some steps and examining your air conditioning system now, you can help to make sure it's running smoothly all summer long.

Pay Attention To Odors or Strange Noises

When you first start up your air conditioning unit and air begins to circulate around your home, make sure there are no musty smells coming from the unit or from any of the vents around your home. Strange odors are a good indication that you have mold in your air ducts or in the air conditioning unit itself; you'll definitely need to have a cooling service company inspect your ducts for mold, as it can cause serious health problems for you, your family, and your pets if left untreated.

Similarly, strange noises such as grinding or clunking noises suggest that the compressor or fan are on the verge of failing. This is a great thing to catch early, before you really need the air conditioner to be running constantly, as operating the unit in this state will almost certainly cause a major failure. You'll certainly want to get it inspected before summer rolls around.

Examine The Area Around The Unit Carefully

After operating the unit for a while, examine the area around it closely. Any liquid around the unit is likely to be Freon, which is the refrigerant used in air conditioning units. Freon circulates in the unit in a closed loop; in normal operating circumstances, it'll never need to be refilled or replaced during the entire life of the unit. Low levels of Freon in your air conditioner greatly increase the chance that the compressor will fail, which is very expensive to repair.

Freon is also toxic, and while a Freon leak is generally not dangerous to humans, it represents a severe danger to any pets you may own. Dogs and cats are likely to accidentally get Freon on their paws and ingest it while cleaning themselves, which can be fatal. If you notice something that appears to be a Freon leak, contact a cooling service professional to have the leak repaired and the level of Freon topped off.

Ensure The Airflow Is Cool And Consistent

Although it may be difficult to check when the weather is already cold, walk around to each vent in your home and check the airflow coming from each one. If air isn't coming out of one of your vents, it may indicate that you have an obstruction in your air ducts. Not only does this mean that one of your rooms won't be cooled during the summer, but duct obstruction is also a major source of mold issues. In addition, if the airflow from the unit feels weaker than usual, it means that the compressor isn't operating correctly and will need to be inspected.

Taking steps now while the weather is cool will make sure your air conditioning unit is performing at its best when you actually need it! In addition, refrigerant leaks or mechanical issues can be found and repaired by a cooling service company before they turn into more serious (and more expensive) problems later, which saves you money.