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Every Property Owner Needs To Know These Signs Of Water Damage

Water damage can cause serious issues within properties. Many property owners who experience this mishap are oblivious to the damages initially, which can be costly to fix. Whenever a leak is suspected, it is important to seek professional leak detection services. This is a measure that can protect the structural integrity of your home and prevent issues such as black toxic mold from occurring. The following points will help you to recognize hidden water damages.

Paint Issues

The paint in homes with water leaks may start to bubble or blister. This is a phenomenon that can be caused by steam, and it is commonly seen when there are hot water leaks. These types of leaks cost property owners extra money in water and energy bills. This is because their water heater tanks will empty out and need to be replenished until the leaks are fixed. These leaks sometimes occur in the slab or foundation of homes and may also cause floors to have warm, wet spots. 


Sometimes water leaks leave telltale brown rings on ceilings and walls. Granted, the presence of discoloration is sometimes due to roof issues. However, it is often a sign that a pipe leak is present or a pipe is diverting water in an area where the water should not be traveling. 


The presence of mold is not always visible. However, the average person can likely detect mold by smell. It has a peculiar musty odor, and it can make people who are allergic to it very sick. You may notice mold growing in areas where leaks are present such as around walls or at the base of floors. 

Sagging Roof

This is a dangerous occurrence that should be addressed in a timely manner. This is because the sagging is indicative of building materials that have gotten water damaged. Eventually, the damaged materials may give in to the weight and damage. This can cause ceilings to collapse, which can result in injuries and property damage.

A leak detection professional like First Class Plumbing of Florida Inc. is a good resource to use to determine where potential water leaks are located. Their services are important because they use a variety of techniques that can ensure that all leaks are found. Some properties have more than one leak, and others have leaks that are hard for the average person to locate. Repairing one leak when others exist will not protect you against water damage. This is why it is ideal to seek professional leak detection services rather than trying to find and fix your own water leaks.