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3 Vital Questions To Ask Before Using A Party Rental Company

Are you getting ready to plan a birthday party, a wedding reception, or some other big event? Are you planning to rent at least some of the necessary supplies in order to cut down on total costs? Renting things like tables and even plates can be a great way to throw a party without having to spend thousands of dollars on these things. But before you actually rent anything, it's important to note that every party store and party rental company has a different method of doing things. Because of this, it's important to ask a few questions before filling out the rental form and signing the rental agreement. Some things that you need to know first include:

Are there any additional fees? Sometimes, when looking at a list of potential party rentals, you may see that the tables cost a certain amount of money per day to rent. But what may not be obvious at first is whether or not there are additional fees for delivery or simply for reserving the rentals in the first place. There may also be cleaning fees, in the event that something like a tablecloth comes back soiled. If you don't get the rented equipment back on time, it's not uncommon to charge a significant late fee. It's a good idea to know not only what your costs will be but also what other costs you could potentially incur.

Does this company provide any planning assistance? You may not need the full efforts of a party planner, but it may be a good idea to ensure that the party rentals you're planning to get are going to be sufficient for your actual needs. For instance, do you really need 20 square tables or would you be better served by renting 15 slightly larger round ones? These are things that someone with more party experience can help you with. 

What happens if these items aren't available when the rental period arrives? Things happen. People forget to return their party rentals, others may return damaged items. Any of these things may result in some of your requested items not being available when you need them. A good rental company will substitute similar items or will have a partnership with other locations in the area to provide the things necessary for your party to still continue as planned. Although things like this do not happen very often, you should still be aware of the possibility and how the rental company will rectify things.