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Inundated By Government Documents With Personal Information? How To Cope

The government way of handling information is to always send everything in triplicate. At least, that is the old joke. However, if you currently receive any sort of aid from the government, or you receive government benefits, you will find that you get a ton of notifications by mail, all with your social security number or other personal information on them. Since it's dangerous to your financial well-being to throw these documents away, you are cornered into keeping them. Eventually, you have too much paper and not enough room. Here is how to cope with the inundation of government documents that list your personal information.

Step One: Buy a Desktop Scanner or Scanner Wand

Technology is great, especially when it creates products like these. Both the scanner wand and the desktop scanner stand are able to scan hundreds of pages into your computer or laptop with ease. This means that you can create a file for all of these documents, scan them in, and save the whole lot in one file. Now you do not have to keep the documents, but you still have to do something with them to protect yourself. 

Step Two: Have a Document Shredding Company Manage the Shredding

Sure, you could buy your own shredder and do the job, but did you know that identity thieves can still pick up shredded documents and tape them back together? It is a time-consuming process, but if the thieves think they can make money using your name and social security number, they will do it.

Instead, purchase the shredding services of a company that provides these services. All of those documents you need shredded are protected and are shredded in such a way that there is no way anyone would spend that much time trying to piece the documents back together. (There is also no way that any software program could decipher what these bits of paper say.)

Step Three: Disposal via the Shredding Service

Best of all, when you hire a shredding service to demolish your personal papers, the shredding service disposes of these confetti-sized bits of paper for you. No one can tie the bits to your location or address, making it absolutely impossible for information thieves to confirm that what they have is connected to you. Most shredding companies also lock and secure what they have tossed in their dumpsters, so you never have to worry about any little bit of personal information getting out.

Contact a company, like Document Demolition LLC, for more help.