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How Fire Alarm Monitoring Works And Why You Would Want It

If a fire alarm goes off, your reaction is to get everyone out of the building, then call 911. However, by the time you accomplish that, most of the building could be engulfed in flames, and by the time the fire department arrives, you may have lost the building. For construction contractors, that is a nightmare because you have to explain to the owner of the property that the building was lost to fire. Instead, get your client to agree to a fire alarm monitoring service. Here is how it works and why you and your client would want this service.

Radio Frequency Alerts

Some alarm monitoring systems rely on radio frequency alerts. The radio alerts send a direct signal to the nearest firehouses, which cause an alarm to sound there. Then the signals light up an area on the electronic board to show the firefighters where to go. It works with regular frequency.

As the firefighters race to get ready and roll the trucks out, the dispatcher begins receiving the calls about the exact location of the building. Sometimes the firefighters are already on the road heading your way before they even get the call from the dispatcher, who has just received your call. It is far faster than waiting for the dispatcher to alert the firehouse and then waiting for the arrival of the firefighters.

Wireless Monitoring

The more updated version of radio frequency monitoring is the wireless version. The minute your fire alarm system is activated in the building, the wireless towers in the area pick up the wireless signal from your fire alarm system. They send the signal wirelessly to computers in the dispatch office, which immediately narrows down the exact location of your building. The dispatcher alerts firehouses, and they are up and moving. The speed of the signal is extremely fast, much faster than just the traditional radio frequency signals of older alarm monitoring systems.

Faster Alerts Means More People and Property Saved

The faster the fire departments know that there is a fire, the faster that they can respond. It is not enough to install just a few smoke alarms or a fire alarm system that only alerts those in the building. There is too much time wasted between getting out of the building and making the phone call to the dispatcher alerting the fire departments and the fire departments' final arrival. When you explain this to the property owner, they are sure to agree with you that this service is a necessity.

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