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Purchasing An Older Home? Reasons To Consider Scheduling A Video Sewer Inspection

If you have put an offer in on an older home, you likely already know how important it is to have a home inspection done. This helps to tell you the condition of the home and whether any work is needed. In addition to scheduling a home inspection, you may also want to schedule a video sewer inspection. Here are a few of the reasons this may be beneficial before you proceed with the purchase of the older home. 

You Can Learn What Types of Sewer Pipes the Home Has

Sewer pipes, also referred to as sewer lines, can be made from a variety of different materials. They can be made from different metals, such as steel or copper. Newer lines can be made from heavy-duty plastics or even rubber-based products.

When a video sewer inspection is done, the inspection can reveal what types of pipes the home has. This is important, as different types of pipes have different lifespans, different maintenance needs, and encounter different problems. 

You Can Learn the Age of the Sewer Line

Another important element that a video sewer line inspection can reveal is the approximate age of the sewer line. Different types of sewer pipes have different lifespans.

Knowing what type of pipe you have and its approximate age can help you determine how much more life is left in the sewer line. Replacing sewer lines is not cheap, so knowing whether this is something you need to do in a few years or a few decades can help you budget and plan accordingly. 

You Can Ensure There Are No Problems With the Sewer Line

The last reason to schedule a video sewer inspection before purchasing an older home is that you can ensure there are no problems with the sewer line. Unless a video inspection is done, you may not realize the line is cracked, rusted, collapsing, or has roots growing in it.

When a video sewer inspection is done, all problems are revealed. This gives you the opportunity to go back to the owner and ask them to repair the line at their own expense or negotiate the price of the home down based on the estimated repair costs. 

A video sewer inspection, also referred to as a camera sewer line inspection, can help to determine what types of sewer pipes are in place, the approximate age of the sewer lines and whether there are any problems with the sewer line. Contact a plumber today to schedule your video sewer inspection.