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Where Should You Put Hardwood Floors in Your Home?

You want hardwood flooring in your home but you don't know which rooms will benefit from this elegant and classic flooring style best. Should you lay hardwood throughout your entire home? Just do a few rooms? Which rooms do best with hardwood flooring? Use this guide, along with the assistance of your hardwood flooring specialist, to decide where you should put hardwood in your home.

Living room

Easily the focal point of your home, your living room will thrive with hardwood floors. If your living room is large, consider hardwood flooring into the entryway to blend your home's features best. If your living room is smaller, choose hardwood for the center of your living area and carpet around the hardwood to draw the space together and make your living room look larger and more inviting.

Master bedroom

Hardwood makes a master bedroom more glamorous. Since hardwood is tough and durable, choosing hardwood for this room in particular allows the flooring to last for many years. Guest bedrooms can also be adorned with hardwood, but choose cork, carpeting, or other types of flooring for children's rooms, as hardwood can be prone to water damage and scratches.

Family room

If you have a family room, consider placing hardwood in this living space, particularly if you've already chosen hardwood for the main living room. The family room is another focal point of the home and can be updated and given a grand appeal with beautiful hardwood like walnut, oak, or mahogany.

Dining room

If you're going to place a hard surface floor in your dining room to make cleanup easier and give the space more elegance and class, then hardwood is a wise choice. Make sure you choose a hardwood that is very durable and stay away from soft woods like pine for this area. Since hardwood can still be dented and scratched by furniture and stained by beverages and food—a concern in the dining room area—complement your new wood floors with a beautiful rug under the main dining table and put pads on the feet of furniture to protect your hardwood floors after installation.

You don't want to put hardwood in moist areas, like the kitchen, bathroom, and laundry room. Consider a different type of flooring for these rooms. The right hardwood floors will give your home a more open, inviting appeal. Always hire a professional to install your hardwood floors so they last as long as possible and remain beautiful.