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That's Cool: Air Conditioner Installation Tips

If your home has central air or forced air, it is very likely that you have an air conditioning unit just outside of your home somewhere. Some homeowners have made the mistake of not giving heed to the needs of the air conditioner. If you have not given much attention to the placement and care of your air conditioner, it is not likely to work for long, soon needing repairs that may be costly. Save yourself the headache of all that and just plan ahead. Here are a few things to pay attention to when installing an air conditioner in your yard.

1. Placement. Most homeowners try to install the air conditioning unit as close to the house as possible. This is done for multiple reasons, the first being that the closer the air conditioner is to your home, the less distance there is between it and your vents. This can increase the power of air flow. Another reason for close placement is an attempt by the homeowner to protect the unit from the elements. Depending on how close the air conditioner is to the house, it may be covered by roofing allowing even just a bit of protection. Another important note about placement is to put the air conditioner on a cement pad instead of dirt where it may become flooded or even submerged. 

2. Solid Concrete Pad. Potentially the most important factor of air conditioning installation is the concrete pad on which it is set. This should be a thick, wide piece of concrete which will hopefully be tough enough to handle the beating it will receive. Due to the interior fans and mechanisms of an air conditioner, they vibrate and give the ground quite a run for its money. A weak piece of concrete or shoddy installation can lead to cracked concrete or a damaged air conditioner, both of which can be costly to repair. If you are installing a concrete slab on your own, make sure that you know what you are doing or you may be paying for it later. Check out a site like http://unitstepjoliet.com/ for more information on concrete pads. 

3. Warranty. A very wise thing to do when purchasing an air conditioner is to purchase a warranty at the same time. Some warranties are offered as part of the deal while others have to be purchased separately. Warranties are extremely useful should a repair be needed. Most will cover the cost completely, saving you time and money.