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Hurricane Shutters and Screens: They Aren't the Same

When it comes to window protection against powerful storms like hurricanes, screens and shutters are often a part of the conversation. However, the problem is that some people use the two terms interchangeably. In reality, screens and shutters differ in a variety of different ways. If you're thinking of installing hurricane screens in your home, learn just what screens are and how they differ from shutters.

Temporary Vs. Permanent

A critical distinction between hurricane shutters and screens is the fact that screens are removable, whereas shutters are not. Shutters may be permanently affixed to your home and simply closed when a storm is approaching. The main probably with this type of dynamic is that it can throw off the original design of your home and make it look crowded or bulky. Screens are temporary, so you only have to install them when adverse weather is on its way. 

Ease of Design

A screen gives you greater flexibility when it comes to protecting and covering your home. Hurricane screens are not premade, unlike shutters. Instead, when the installer comes to your home, he or she is able to prepare the screens on-site to match the exact specifications of your home's windows. So, from a small bathroom window to a large floor-to-ceiling window that lines your balcony, screens make it easier to cover your windows accurately. 

Viewing Obstructions

Hurricane shutters provide you with zero visibility through the window. However, screens are powerful, yet translucent. If you have the screens installed on your home and you decide to remain in your house during the storm, you will have the ability to see outside, as well as get in some natural light in the event there is a power outage. Even if you vacate your home, you might be able to get a glimpse of the potential damage from the outside. 

Cost Control

In terms of cost, hurricane shutters often come with a higher price tag because of their permanent status. If you need prompt and secure window protection for an upcoming storm but are on a budget, a screen installation can meet your needs. After all, when you consider all the hidden costs that come along with storm preparation, saving money where you can is helpful. 

Hurricane screens are an excellent option for protection if you live in a region prone to dangerous storms. With a professional installation, you'll have the peace of mind that you're doing your part to safeguard your home. Go to sites like http://www.allphasebuildingconcepts.com for more information about hurricane screen installation.