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Hydro Excavation: A Viable Solution For Historic Properties

Many buildings and parcels of land hold great historic value. The owners of these properties typically don't want to disturb the original structures and risk compromising the integrity of a historic home.

Excavation near historic properties is often required to install modern conveniences within these homes. You may have to dig in order to install Internet cables, water lines, or other modern amenities. Hydro excavation can offer a viable solution that will help you to access underground spaces without compromising the integrity of your historic home.


Hydro excavation relies on the use of pressurized streams of water to channel through dirt surfaces. The water stream can easily be controlled by an experienced technician.

Since the stream of water is much more targeted than the bucket of an excavator machine, it is easy to achieve a high level of precision with hydro excavation. This means that you won't have to worry about any walkways, landscape features, or other historic items on your property sustaining any damage during excavation.

Soil Containment

With traditional excavation techniques, a large amount of soil must be stored on the property during the excavation. Finding a suitable place to store the dirt removed from an area during excavation can be challenging on historic properties. One of the major benefits that hydro excavation can offer is the ability to contain removed soil within a specialized truck.

The slurry that is created when the dirt comes into contact with the pressurized water stream can be pumped into a holding tank rather than stored in a pile on your property. This will help you to avoid the unnecessary disturbance of other parts of your historic property as you work to excavate the target area.

Schedule Versatility

When you opt to utilize hydro excavation to clear the way for underground utilities and cables, you gain the ability to complete this work at any time of the year. The ground begins to cool during the fall and winter months. The cold soil can make it difficult for excavating machinery to break through without causing damage.

Hydro excavation can be completed using heated water streams that warm the soil in preparation for movement. You can complete any excavation job regardless of the temperature outside when you use hydro excavation techniques.

If you need to dig on your historic property, rely on hydro excavation. This technique will help you preserve the integrity of your property while successfully excavating in preparation for modernization.

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