Subtle Signs That Your Roof Needs To Be Repaired

You shouldn't wait for your roof to start leaking, ceiling to stain or shingles to fall off the roof before you call for roof repair. If you do that, then you are likely to incur a costly repair or replacement bill. Fortunately, there are other subtle signs that may point to roof damage before it gets to that point. Here are three examples of such signs: Blistering Exterior Wall Paints [Read More]

Algae Streaks On A Roof: Why They Should Be Removed Fast & How It Should Be Done

Do you have ugly black streaks all over the asphalt shingles on your roof? The black streaks are not only unappealing, but also they are likely algae spores that can deteriorate the shingles down to the roof deck. Find out why you should get rid of streaks in asphalt shingles from algae spores fast and how it should be done. Why Should Algae Streaks Be Removed from Shingles in a Timely Manner? [Read More]

3 Little Known Mistakes People Make With Air Conditioning Units

If you're installing a new central air conditioning unit, you've probably heard the typical cautionary suggestions. Keep shrubs, bushes, flowers, and other plants at least two feet away. Inspect the filter at least once a year. Those are good reminders and solid advice. However, there are three mistakes that people make before and after having a new unit installed, and you might not have heard of them before. But, you will have heard of them now. [Read More]

New Construction Windows Vs Replacement Windows

If you're about to dive into a home improvement project, new windows might be on your list of things to change. Your old, outdated windows could be lowering the aesthetic appeal of your home, not to mention what they are probably doing to your energy consumption. While installing new windows can definitely step up the visual appeal of your home, maximize your energy usage and boost the value of your home, there are a few things that you have to consider before having them installed. [Read More]