3 Ways French Patio Doors Can Help Blend Indoor And Outdoor Areas

If you frequently used your outdoor patio area as a hub of family fun and entertaining, you might be looking for ways to make the transition between indoor and outdoor areas more organic and attractive. This allows for guests to move freely between areas without being visually blocked from the fun or other guests. French patio doors can provide an attractive, light-increasing solution in a few ways. Sliding Doors: Fully Open the Dividing Space [Read More]

Get Rid Of That Ugly Tree Stump In Your Yard In One Day

If the previous owner of your home left behind an ugly tree stump, then you can easily remove it yourself. This is a project that anyone with some basic DIY skills can accomplish in a single day. While not complicated, you should understand everything you can about the safety of using tow ropes and stump grinders before beginning the process. Tree Stump Removal Options When it comes to removing your big tree stump in one day, there are two common options. [Read More]

Keeping Pests Out Of The Garage

Garages are a great place for cars, household items, lawn equipment, and tools. They can also be a great place for pests of all sorts, especially during the winter months. When temperatures drop, many homeowners find their garages overrun with bugs, mice, and other pests seeking a safe haven from the cold. These pests can be a big problem and frequently attempt to migrate into other parts of the home. In order to get a pest free garage, there are a few key things that homeowners should do. [Read More]

Common Asphalt Driveway Repair Questions Answered

When it comes to pouring a driveway, asphalt is one of the most commonly used substances, and this preference stems largely from its durability and low-cost. However, many new homeowners lack the knowledge and experience needed to understand how to address the problems their asphalt driveways can encounter. If this applies to you, learning the following two questions and answers will help you the next time your driveway develops a couple of common issues. [Read More]